The goal of this course is to introduce challenges in securing computer systems and networks. The course covers the foundations of system and network security. It introduces basic security and privacy concepts as building blocks for later specialization.

In the scope of this course, we explore the following topics:

  • Introduction and general concepts.
  • Definitions, security goals, attacker models.
  • Symmetric encryption.
  • Integrity protection.
  • Asymmetric encryption.
  • Certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • Authentication and key agreement.
  • Security protocols (IPSec, DNSSec, Kerberos, SSH, TLS, etc.).
  • Spam, botnets, phishing.
  • Anonymity and privacy.

Further information:

Module: 5.7 BING, 5th semester
ECTS Credits: 4
Organization: Lecture and exercise.
Language: English or German (depending on students' preference)
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Engel
Mandatory: Yes
Rating: Final exam and active participation in exercises.