How to contact us?

For any questions or concerns regarding our group, please contact Helga Edwardsdottir via e-mail or phone.


Where to find us?

Campus Belval
University of Luxembourg
Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
Maison du Numbre (MNO) Building
6 Avenue de la Fonte
L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette
How to access Campus Belval?
By Car
Check the Belval Campus map - as is currently available on google maps - for route information. Outdoor parking areas and underground car parks are available throughout the campus, particularly P+R Belval Université.
By Bus
The following bus lines are servicing several stops on Belval:
  • TICE Ligne 1: Esch - Belvaux - Lamadeleine
  • TICE Ligne 2: Esch - Soleuvre - Differdange
  • TICE Ligne 3: Esch - Belval - Bascharage - Niederedingen
  • TICE Ligne 4: Belval - Esch - Schifflange - Kayl - Dudelange
  • TICE Ligne 7: Belval - Esch - Lallange - ZARE
  • TICE Ligne 15: Esch - Belval - Bascharage - Clemency
  • RGTR Ligne 202: Luxembourg - Belvaux - Obercorn
  • RGTR Ligne 203: Luxembourg - Soleuvre - Differdange
  • RGTR Ligne 321: Luxembourg - Esch/Alzette - Villerupt (F)
  • RGTR Ligne 322: Esch - Rédange (F)
  • RGTR Ligne 325: Kirchberg - Hussigny (F)
  • RGTR Ligne 306: Trier (D) - Cloche d’Or - Belval
  • RGTR Ligne 309: Perl (D) - Frisange - Belval.

and the bus line Metz-Belval Universités (F).

By Train, "Belval-Université" Train Stop
Trains departing every 15 minutes from Luxembourg Central Station are direct to "Belval-Université" - line is connection-free via Esch-sur-Alzette. Get information on: train schedules on the CFL’s website.
By Bicycle & On Foot
A bicycle path runs south of Belval Campus and many pedestrian areas have been developed between main streets. Bicycle parking facilities area available across campus. Bicycle shelters are available at the "Belval-Université" train station.
Need to find your route using public transport?