The goal of this course is to introduce foundations of computer networks. The course covers the topics of physical layer of networking, computer hardware, transmission systems, Internet protocols, routing, up to the application layer. It introduces basic computer networking concepts as building blocks for later specialization.

In the scope of this course, we explore the following topics:

  1. Introduction and general concepts
    Communication Protocols, ISO OSI Reference Model
    Computer Networks

  2. Computer Networks
    Network principles
    Network topologies and components
    Logical Link Control, Medium Access Control
    Local Area Networks, Ethernet
    Wide Area Networks

  3. Internet Protocols
    Internet/Intranet: the TCP/IP Reference Model
    Network protocols (the Internet Protocol, routing protocols)
    Quality of Service in the Internet
    Transport protocols (TCP and UDP)

  4. Application Protocols in the Internet
    Higher level protocols (FTP, HTTP, SMTP)

  5. Secure Networking in Untrustworthy Environments

Further information:

Module: 4.7 BING, 4th semester
ECTS Credits: 3
Organization: Lecture and exercise.
Language: English or German (depending on students' preference)
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Engel
Mandatory: Yes
Rating: Final exam and active participation in exercises.