Network slicing is considered as the key technology of an agile Vehicle-to-everything use-case deployment. However, most deployments in Europe focus on evaluating the network performance and ignore the security and privacy aspects, notably in a cross-border scenario.

Building on key 5G technologies (SDN, NFV) and machine learning algorithms (federated and deep learning), 5G-INSIGHT (Intelligent aNd orcheStrated securIty in 5G veHicular neTworks) aims at: (a) proposing new techniques for traffic prediction, thus allowing the early detection of intrusions and anomalies within 5G vehicular slices; (b) enforcing security-by design and privacy-preserving slicing policies for attack mitigation and personal data anonymization, respectively; and (c) developing resource orchestration and management across multiple potential providers using federated slicing. Proposed approaches will be validated by simulations as well as by an experimental platform (proof-of-concept) that integrates the specific characteristics of the France-Luxembourg cross-border area. This project has been funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund.
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Project duration: 01.04.2021 - 31.03.2024.