The local project aims at a collaborative mobile and web-based platform for authoring and sharing multi-media historical heritage content about the period 1945 - 1960: from the end of WWII to the dawn of Europe, in the context of their respective 70th (2015) - 60th (2017: EEC) anniversaries.

Targeted users  are on one hand (quasi-)witness people who keep direct or indirect memories of the period, and on the other hand all the people who have historical interest or knowledge in the period. Emphasis will be put on location-based storytelling and sharing experiences that are designed to allow elderly people to share their story in an intuitive and easy way with younger members of the population. The local project will thus foster the sharing of personal historical accounts that may not be included in the standard historical literature. The platform will include advanced functionalities to explore multidimensional data using various human analyses and data mining strategies, based on metadata, tags, attributes entered by the user, as well as browsing history (e.g. relation between a place and queries about a given historical fact). Interaction between users of the platform will allow to follow discussion based on data contributed as well as to verify, compete, and put in perspective pieces of historical information.

Project duration: 01.05.2014 - 30.04. 2017