The project FSTO (Feasibility for Topology Optimization) aims to analyze the networks connectivity between a representative partition of national institutions and organizations in Luxembourg. The main goal of this project is to map physical links between major backbone routers in Luxembourg.

E-client monitoring and troubleshooting tools based on well-known Traceroute application will be used to build the connectivity map between routers. It is useful to map the topology of a network in order to analyze and optimize data trac between distinct nodes with an adapted routing. In fact load balancing can be applied in order to fairly distribute trac on a network topology. Thus congestion can occur less frequently. Trac analysis permits also to detect possible attacks and intrusions. Thus knowing a topology map can be useful in order to determine critical points of a network. This project aims at designing a monitoring infrastructure to discover the physical communication network topology between dierent cities in Luxembourg. We plan to deploy probes dedicated to the measurement of this topology. The main goal of the project is to generate a national connectivity map that will  be studied and optimized in order to increase the network security and robustness. Simulations will permit to validate theoretical models.

Project duration: 01.01.2010 - 15.01.2011