MOTION: Exploring human mobility and optimizing the usage of the transportation network using vehicular network technologies

In order to understand individual mobility on a countrywide scale, it is important to reply on large scale mobility datasets.

Suitable datasets that would allow such an analysis are Call Detail Records (CDR) that are available at mobile phone operators. CDRs provide details on incoming and outgoing calls with the main goal of building network usage reports. In the MOTION project, we plan to extend the usage of CDR to study individual mobility. It is clear that before the data can be made available, all privacy-related information must be removed. The resulting anonymised dataset will provide important information on how people move from one cellular base station to another. Please note that those datasets only provide information on how people move (not personally identifiable information). However, if aggregated on a large-scale, it provides valauble information on the socioeconomic mobility patterns that can be exploited from a large number of applications and services including transportation optimization. Another advantage of this dataset is that it includes cross-border commuters, as their mobile phones register with the Luxembourgian mobile phone network (even those not covered by a Luxembourg contract).

Project duration: 01.01.2010 - 31.12.2016.