The NARTUS project is focused on creating a European platform and roadmap for future public safety communication and will help to facilitate European integration in the area of Public Safety with particular focus on public safety communications and information systems.

The tools used by NARTUS for creating such platform and roadmap, have been identified in Forum Conferences. Through Forum Conferences NARTUS will launch consultations and build consensus organizing, developing and following up discussions between operational and technological stakeholders involved in Public Safety Communication and Information systems.
The diversity of technologies used by different European member states and user groups creates serious interoperability problems at different levels, starting from the level of equipment and going to the level of applications and user/system requirements. The interoperability problem dramatically reduces the efficiency of emergency response, especially in complex situations and /or requiring coordinated international efforts. The increasing costs of new technologies and limited state budgets require careful evaluation of new systems at the tendering phase of new contracts’ negotiations. At the same time the small size of the public safety market makes it more difficult for manufactures and service providers to reduce their level of costs.

The only solution to this multidimensional problem is to internationally harmonize requirements, systems and applications. Harmonization will be a complex process that requires the involvement of different key players at the international level and could continue for long periods of time. The key element of harmonization will be the creation of an internationally accepted roadmap that will facilitate discussions between major stakeholders and will provide a vision and key milestones for this work.

With the main goal of continuously improving the harmonization of technologies, the NARTUS project will establish links and regular discussions between Public Safety (PS) communications systems users, policy makers, industry, research organizations and standardization bodies.

Please have a look at the deliverable of NARTUS, the Public Safety Communication Forum Europe, PSC-E.

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Project duration: 01.06.2006 - 01.06.2009