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open topics

1) Graphics Interface for a Symbolic Computing Tool for Realtime-Systems
An existing symbolic computing toolbox shall be extended by a Graphical User Interface.
The Interface allows to enter realtime-system descriptions and to interactively generate graphs of time-behaviour and stability properties.

2) Rotating Bodies in Waterflow Physics Simulation
From a previous project, a 2d-simulation tool for hydroflows needs to be modified by a dynamic shape generation for rotations. Applications are in energy-conversion optimizations and in physics-simulation for games.

3) Magnet-field Optimisation for Permanent Magnet Drives
With a given numerical simulation for the airgap-field of electric drives, an optimal circumvental field-distribution is sought by application of available optimization-tools.

4) Battery Observer Teststand
The Battery Teststand consisting of a servo-amplifier for charging-discharging and NI-Labview measuring equipment shall be configured for baatery-cycling and measurement data evaluation.

5) SoC and SoH Battery Observer
Both State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) are observed by measurements of a 16bit microcontroller. The method is to be refined and applied for characterization of a 12V lead-acid battery.

6) Geographical Planning of Thermal/Electrical Supply Systems
On the basis of the SBI (sustainable biomass index) planning method, a geographic information system shall be implemented and applied to greek and spanish island situations.

7) Railway Transport Power Optimization
The SCE-model of railbound transportation powergrids developed together with CFL, needs extension by the train-powerprofiles in order to allow application of available optimization tools.

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