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Recent projects

Stoyan Gabrovski :
QIPS Battery Observer

Mohamed Bahri :
Battery Teststand

Marco Ney :

ECOS realtime operating system 

Luc Olinger :
Railwaygrid Extension Simulation

Paul Engel :

Magnetic Commutation Drive Measurement and Analysis

Paul Schummer :

Electric Recycling Reactor

Yan Chen :

Communicative Power Systems

Ghislain Mbumbet :

Redundant Realtime Ethernet Communication

Frank Medinger :

ÁP-controller of ITER's PV-Inverters

Patrick Hens :

Powerelectronics of PV-Inverter ITER-EURELA

Laurent Danko :
Rectifier-coupled Quasisynchronous Generator

Paul Schummer,Paul Kiefer :

Wireless PV-Monitoring

Bob Rume, Luc Olinger :

Digital Drive Control

Jay Christnach :

Power System Communication

Jingjun Xi :

PV-Inverter Control and Copower Island Grids

Limin Cheng :

PV-Monitoring Database

Marc Bastian,Frank Medinger :

Village PV-Converter

Weiwei Huang :
Windconverter Generator Teststand

Paul Schummer,Paul Kiefer :

PV-Monitoring Website

Bob Rume :

Service Level Agreements and Electricity Markets

Zarko Stojkovic :

Simulation Integrated Test Environment

Limin Cheng,Jingjun Xi :

PV-Simulator Teststand

Laurent Danko :

Realtimeprocessing of Quasisynchronous Magnetwaves

N'Goran Bile,Ghislain Mbumbet :

PV-System Performance Simulation

Evelyne Kuepper,Patrick Hens :

Threephase Data Aquisition

Christian Duprel,Mike Hirt,Patrick Steinmetz :

Demonstration Lab Framework

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