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Along with their meaning for environment protection, efforts into energy efficiency are becoming increasingly economic within the longterm trend of rising energy-prices. Several fields having seen considerable progress in the last decades, more recently electric transport and distributed electricity generation have become major fields of interest.

The SCE Efficiency Focus concentrates on the field of generation and use of electrical energy mainly in the diverse autonomous system contexts from onboard grids to electric traction and island supply structures. Beyond single optimizations, the interdependencies between the levels of

  • integration
  • operation
  • control and
  • construction design
bear efficiency potentials to be addressed in integral system and control design.

The systems approach considers the whole chain from conversion of distributed sustainable energy resources to electrical energy over its storage and finally up to the end-energy use, as e.g. combination of electrical energy storage elements with electro-mechanical drive/generator trains to improve efficient use of electrical energy. The foundation for overall loss analysis and minimization in systems context lies in systematic energy-based modeling and transparent energy-invariant model decompositions, transformations and reductions.

The SCE approach of integral control and construction design addresses e.g. optimized magnet-geometry and planarfield control for electromechanical conversion, and joint foil-geometry and stream-control design in hydroenergy-systems. Complementary to the know-how in
  • photovoltaic and
  • island supply systems,
further extension of works concentrate on
  • photo- and thermo-electric
  • electrochemical
  • hydro-electric and
  • electric transport
technologies and systems.

In the same way, techno-economic planning, sizing and performance monitoring are being approached for integral operation control and sizing approach, as these both jointly determine the longterm efficiency, one major factor in techno-economical performance.

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