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PhD topics

Joint Optimization of Permanent-field Construction and Electrical-Field Trajectory for Magnetically Commuting Electric Machines
Based on available measurements from the test-stand, the airgap-field of a lowspeed permanent-magnet electrical drive with magnetic commutation, i.e. unequal stator and rotor-polepairnumbers, shall be modeled in a 1dim airgap distribution and numerically calculated. Especially addressing saturation, eddy current and ohmic losses, the optimal circumvental field-distribution is sought by application of available optimization-tools for the construction and optimal control based on observation of the induced voltages.

Exergyoptimal Trajectory Generation for Electromotive Systems
For energy-efficiency in transport, regenerative braking recovery and grid-feedback resp. storage of electrical energy offer significant potentials. This demands for taking into account the height-profiles, speed- and timing boundary conditions for formulating the optimization task and numerically optimizing the speed/distance profile-functions. In the case of railbound transportation, from the powergrid model developed together with Chemins de Fer Luxembourg, electrical loss profiles additionally enter.

Reliability and Vulnerability of Local Electricity Networks
With the use of realtime-communicative supervisory control and data aquisition (SCADA) systems, smart energy management becomes feasible. Interdependent functionality of netstabilizing power units and the networked control affect reliability and vulnerability, so that the design task for distributed control in case of power-network blackouts addresses structural measures for improvement of both security and reliability.

Reliable Costminimizing Secondary Control in Distributed Electricity Generation
Superimposed onto primay control for dynamic disturbance compensation, secondary control establishes the overall stationary power-balance. Formulation as convex optimization problem with Lagrange-multipliers for the boundary conditions is aiming at cost-minimization. Based on convex optimization state of the art, and in continuation of previous works on Decentralized Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, a stability guaranteed method is sought for a range of systems with specified component properties. Further, options of redundant implementation are a major concern.

Costoptimal Dispatching of Thermal-Electrical Co-Generation with Use of Storage
As for the increased economic performance, combined generation of thermal and electrical energy is an especially interesting field for biomass-use. Distributed systems shall be considered with different structures of both thermal and electrical storage allocation. Overall cost-optimization respecting the boundary conditions for coverage of thermal and electrical consumption is envisaged using the Pontryagin approach as applied in a previous thesis for electric transport, here especially addressing structural variability.

Online Adaptive State of Charge Observation for Electrochemical Storage Units
Based on state of the art overview and in continuation of previous works on adaptive observers, a dynamic separation approach for concurrent parameter-estimation and state-observation shall be developed and applied to automotive batteries using available implementation and testing environment. Both prediction of available stored energy and of lifetime expectation are crucial for widespread reliable use of electrochemical batteries in stationary and transport applications.

Geoanalysis for Sustainable Biomass Storage and Transport in European Regions
For the geographical planning of integrated thermal-electrical supply Systems, on the basis of the Sustainable Biomass Index (SBI)planning method, geographic analysis shall be employed for distributed production, storage and consumption of selected biomass energy carriers esp. pellets and upgraded gas.

Current PhD Projects

David Norta :

Surena Neshvad :

Ilya Bilibin :

Hrag Margossian :

Markus Jostock :

PhD's from Uni Luxembourg

Stefan König :
Sustainability of Biomass Resources for the Use in Decentralized Biomass Energy Systems

Nicolas Boizot :
Adaptive High-gain Extended Kalman Filter and Applications

Ken Sebesta :
Optimal Observers and Optimal Control: Improving Car Efficiency with Kalman and Pontryagin

Ralf Hoben :
Dependable Distributed Renewable Energy Management Systems

PhD's from Research Projects at Fraunhofer Kassel

Mohamed Ibrahim :
Decentralized Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Control Optimization and Battery Ageing Estimation Based on Fuzzy Logic

Oliver Haas :
Kommunikation für dezentrale Stromversorgungssysteme zur Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien

Alfred Engler :
Regelung von Batteriestromrichtern in modularen und erweiterbaren Inselnetzen

Johanna Myrzik :
Topologische Untersuchungen zur Anwendung von tief/-hochsetzenden Stellern für Wechselrichter

Fotios Raptis :
Operational Control of Modular Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (undisputed)

Carlos Vernetti dos Santos :
PV-Systeme zur dezentralen Energieversorgung - Auslegungskriterien und Anforderungen an Solarstrahlungs- und Verbrauchsdaten

Michael Heyer :
Optimisation et évaluation d'un système photovoltaïque relié au réseau en tenant particulièrement compte de l'interface onduleur

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