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Realtime Automation Integrated Prototyping


Todays ubiquituous embedded computing power allows for implementation of automation methods with advanced techno-scientific background. These can be implemented without or with only marginal additional costs, e.g. into power converter actors with their fast signal processing integrating power- and microelectronics.

For increasing the innovation speed, direct and straightforward embedding of advanced methods of signal processing and control into industrial products and plants has to be made available in order to allow industries of all sizes to more directly profit from Luxembourg and European funded research and development.

The design of signal processing, especially signal conditioning, filtering, adaptive and robust control demands for reducing the complexity of the simulation models down to an extent where the adaptions are directly expressable as functions of the reduced model descriptions. The approaches for reduced models come from linear algebra methods in order reduction, approximation of partdynamics and dynamic decomposition.

The University of Luxembourg is building up applied expertise in the field of intersystem design methods and their testing in integrated real-virtual testbenches. The existing expertise and equipment can be complemented in a way that makes it attractive for industrial partners, especially as pending industrial problems in this area are addressed in the applications examined.

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