The Secan-Lab ERASMUS project Hiedtec

Stefanie Östlund (HiedTec project

Turdialiev Umid Mukhtaralievich (Rector AndMI)

Stéphane Pallage (Rector

Stefanie Östlund (HiedTec project


The Secan-Lab ERASMUS+ project Hiedtec (2019-2022) comes to an end now in November 2022. The last project meeting took place from 10th to 14th of November in Uzbekistan (Tashkent and Andijan). Participating Universities from Europe, namely the University of Ruse, Bulgaria (Coordinator), the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, the University of Pavia, Italy and the University of Coimbra, Portugal were responsible for raising the quality -and technology level of the partner institutes in the participating Central Asian countries.

Complex measures have been and are being implemented in the participating counties Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan for the active development of the digital economy, wide introduction of modern information and communication technologies in the education sector through this project.

It is an important task for these partner countries to improve the quality of their education systems because the development of the counties depends on specialists with high knowledge and qualifications.

At this last meeting in Uzbekistan, each partner country presented the goals achieved and the work done in the last 4 project years. The results are impressive and the evaluator of the project, Professor Dr. Robert Janz from the University of Groningen, showed great satisfaction with the outcomes that were achieved.    

Each partner from Central Asia created 3 high technology learning classrooms in their participating Institutions as well as one Active Learning Center. A virtual library has been created in each of these countries hosted by one institution in each country where open educational recourses have been and will be stored and made accessible to the students in all institutions.

A dissemination conference with more than 500 participants took place in Andijan during this last meeting where Governors and Ministers of the country were present and honored the achievements of this project.

From the University of Luxembourg, the PI of the project is Prof. Dr. Thomas Engel. Participating team members are Stefanie Östlund and Aurel Machalek.



  • Fully innovative 9th project meeting
    9th project meeting is the final meeting of the HiedTec project and will be held at the Uzbek partners: University of Information Technology, Andijan machine-building institute and Tashkent State University of Economics.
  • Location for Tashkent University of Information Technology:
    108 Amir Temur Avenue, Tashkent 100200, Uzbekistan
  • Location for Andijan machine-building institute:
    56 Bobur Shox Ave, Andizhan 170100, Uzbekistan
  • Location for Tashkent State University of Economics:
    Tashkent State University of Economics, Islom Karimov 49, Tashkent 100066, Uzbekistan

Please also watch the video showing the highlights of the impressive last meeting: