Mahdi Fotouhi

Office: MNO, E04 0445-060
Phone: (+352) 46 66 44 5431


Mahdi Fotouhi is a doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg. He joined the SECAN-Lab in 2021. He has received his Master of Science degree in Secure Computing at Shahed University. He has many practical experiences in cybersecurity, penetration test, and ethical hacking. He also has programming skills in mobile and web and system applications.

Research Interests

Mahdi's research interests include Internet of Things (IoT) Security, Applied Cryptography, Privacy Enhancing, AI and machine learning for Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Security Assessment & Verification, and System security.


Mahdi is working on the SETICA project ( Securing Time Critical Traffic in (next-gen) Automotive Networks ). The goal of SETICA is to solve the research part of this endeavor as well as develop a realistic security-enabled TSN testbed, which, in turn, will allow thorough realistic evaluation. We plan to especially focus on gPTP, the timing protocol of TSN. The impact of successful attacks against gPTP is severe because many safety-critical applications depend on timing guarantees. We will also research novel approaches that go beyond 802.1DG, among them leveraging SDN for gaining even more flexibility and security. SETICA will generate significant value, researching and developing important future technology to be used as key communication technology in vehicles to facilitate future functionalities and services, such as autonomous driving, connected cars, and ADAS functions, which will require all the high bandwidth, precise timing, and security.



Evaluation of PTP Security Controls on gPTP
Fotouhi, M., Buscemi, A., Jomrich, F., Koebel, C., & Engel, T.
28th IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2023), Tunis, July 2023.

An Intrusion Detection System Against Rogue Master Attacks on gPTP
In A. Buscemi, M. Ponaka, M. Fotouhi, C. Koebel, F. Jomrich, ... T. Engel,
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2023-Spring), Florence 20-23 June 2023.

Assessing the Impact of Attacks on an Automotive Ethernet Time Synchronization Testbed
M. Fotouhi, A. Buscemi, A. Boualouache, F. Jomrich, C. Koebel, ... T. Engel,
IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), Istanbul 26-28 April 2023. doi:10.1109/VNC57357.2023.10136275


LAPTAS: lightweight anonymous privacy-preserving three-factor authentication scheme for WSN-based IIoT
Abdi Nasib Far, H., Bayat, M., Kumar Das, A., Fotouhi, M., Pournaghi, S. M., & Doostari, M. A.
Wireless Networks, 27(2), 1389-1412


A lightweight and secure two-factor authentication scheme for wireless body area networks in health-care IoT.
Fotouhi, M., Bayat, M., Das, A. K., Far, H. A. N., Pournaghi, S. M., & Doostari, M. A.  
Computer Networks, 177, 107333