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28 January 2009

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Future Trends of the Internet: Speakers

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Vinton G. Cerf,
VP and Chief Internet Evangelist,
Thomas Engel,
Professor for Computer Networks
and Telecommunications,
University of Luxembourg
Robert E. Kahn,
CEO and President of the Corporation
for National Research Initiatives
Latif Ladid,
President, IPv6 FORUM
The next BIG bail-out
Will IPv6 save the Internet?
Willie W. Lu,
CEO, US Center for
Wireless Communications
Compatible at Last?
Open Mobile Internet for the 4G Era
Tadao Saito,
Toyota-InfoTechnology Center
The road to success
Japan’s broadband penetration strategy
Gérald Santucci,
Head of Unit,
"Networked Enterprise & Radio
Frequency Identification (RFID)",
Information Society and Media
European Commission
The Internet of Things
When your fridge orders your groceries

The Internet of Things
When your fridge orders your groceries

Carlo Simon, Head, Centre de
Communications du Gouvernement
Chairman CONATEL
Josh Silverman,
Jean-Marie Spaus,
Entreprise des P&T
Introducing IPv6 in Luxembourg
an end-user perspective

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