Luxembourg IPv6 Summit 2005

Luxembourg IPv6 Summit 2005


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July 12, 2005

University of Luxembourg, Campus Kirchberg

The Luxembourg IPv6 Summit with strong highlights will be held July 12, 2005 in Luxembourg - at the University of Luxembourg.
At this technology deployment summit, government and industry leaders will report on applications; Luxembourg and international initiatives will introduce their plans for an initial large-scale deployment of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv6, the New Generation Internet, preserves everything that's good about today's Internet - and adds much more:
  • practically unlimited IP address space,
  • stateless auto-configuration,
  • mobile user support,
  • mandatory security and
  • many other enhancing features.
The Luxembourg IPv6 Summit is designed to underscore Luxembourg’s role in participating in the worldwide deployment of IPv6. In particular, the endorsement of the Ministère d'État Centre de Communications du Gouvernement and the participation of the leading experts in this technology.
Authoritative speakers at the summit will address the major deployment enablers and the vision to make IPv6 happen in Luxembourg. The progress in the deployment of IPv6 in Europe, North America and Asia will also be covered with strong focus on case studies and scenarios in business and applications. For further details consult the agenda.


Latif Ladid                                                                    Thomas Engel
President IPv6 Forum                                                       Professor - Computer Networks and Telecommunications
E-Mail: Latif.Ladid{at}                                 E-Mail: Thomas.Engel{at}

(C) 2005 University of Luxembourg

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