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Top Stories - British APCO Journal - Research in action! Read more:

ITTI presented project FREESIC during the conference at National Defence University of Warsaw.

The BAPCO Newsletter about FREESIC project. Read here:

FREESIC paper 'Correlation Power Analysis of an AES Implementation in FPGA' accepted and presented on TatraCrypt 2012

We will present FREESIC at SECURITY ESSEN in September 25 - 28. Find more here:

NATO Special Forces Taps Mutualink for Global Cross Coalition Communications -

During holiday season we pay attention to accidents around. We want to share new video here. Wish no accidents.

Video flashback to SECRICOM conference where FREESIC were presented -

Video flashback to SECRICOM conference where FREESIC were presented -

New videos from Exercise EMO 2012 Slovakia, where FREESIC were presented available on YouTube:

WP2 workshop on 21.06. with end users from Luxembourg and Germany. Results will be published in next Deliverable.

20.06 - 21.06 - fruitful FREESIC General Assembly in Luxembourg.

We were part of exercise In Slovakia, Nitra EMO 2012, very good experience in the view of user requirements....

FREESIC has good cooperation with project GEN6 in the field of IPv6 and end user requirements. About the GEN6 -

We met FREESIC project supporter from Digital Austria. If you want to know more about Digital Austria -

and another SECRICOM´s video of project achievements

Excellent video of SECRICOM´s achievements published on YouTube

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