Driver Questionniares

Main Goal of the Study:

This study aims at gaining general insights about driver deskilling, driver profiling, and identifying differences in driving skills and behavior between experienced car drivers and drivers who have started to drive again after a prolonged period of inactivity.

The results of this study will – together with the results from the supplementary interview study – serve as a basis for developing persuasive strategies to avoid deskilling in (semi-)autonomous vehicles and to foster safety during handover situations

Research Questions:

RQ1: Which skills and behaviours are most important for a safe driving style?

RQ2: Which driving skills disappear over time?

RQ3: How long does it take until driving skills (start to) disappear?


The Online questionnaire is a self-developed one, based on the Driving Behaviour Questionnaire (DBQ, Reason et al., 1990) and the Driver Skill Inventory (DSI, Lajunen and Summala, 1995) and is aimed at experienced (a) frequent drivers as well as (b) drivers with a prolonged period of driving inactivity in the past.

Link to questionnaire: TBD