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28 January 2009

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Dr. Willie W. Lu: Abstract

Compatible at Last? — Open Mobile Internet for the 4G Era

Dr. Willie W. Lu, CEO, US Center for Wireless Communications

Future wireless mobile communications will be shifted from today's traditional transmission-specific radio technology to an interface-based technology in order to be more compatible with computer system architecture. The future mobile device will therefore be first and foremost a computer, then an open wireless architecture (OWA) low-power mobile Internet terminal. This OWA technology offers an optimal solution to open up the wireless platform for complete openness and simplicity and would support the service-oriented open mobile Internet architecture and infrastructure that is necessary for future mobile phone development and advancement.
Though different regions have diversified approaches towards the next generation mobile communication technology (called 4th generation mobile, or 4G Mobile), the future trend is the same: Convergence among fixed, mobile and wireless communications. No single wireless radio transmission technology (RTT) can do both broadband high-speed data-rate and seamless mobility, and therefore we need multiple RTTs to complement each other in any optimal way to ensure the information is delivered to the mobile user in a more cost-effective and in a more spectrum-efficient way. The open mobile Internet strategy powered by the OWA technology becomes the driving force to bring 4G era to life. For more information, please visit

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