Summit Topics

12th June 2014

 High level Round Table: Is the end of Security and Privacy approaching?

Today’s users behave as broadcasters of their own personal data with business interests becoming the owners and controllers of such data. In the future, service delivery will be based on massive abstractions and virtualization technologies and the point where service or content is delivered will be operated by several heterogeneous infrastructures managed by several independent entities:

  • How to safeguard privacy concerns? Right to be forgotten?
  • How to achieve the right “international” privacy regulation
  • Can we trust information which could be used for automated decision management?
  • Do we know how to design, deliver and maintain End to End security?
  • How to evaluate remotely the security level of an equipment?
  • Have recent surveillance events tarnished irreparably the open Internet?
  • Is the multi-stakeholder Internet governance no longer trustable?
  • Can we develop mechanisms to allow services and applications to evaluate local and contextual security level, before being used?
  • Where is privacy going? Right to be forgotten? Personal data being handled outside the EU?
  • Should privacy expectations be reasonable?
  • Towards a world where decisions are taken by algorithms?
  • Is the worst yet to come?

  Session 1: Future Internet in European Research: Promises and Accomplishments

  • Where are we after 7 years of efforts?
  • Have these activities been successfully emulated at national level?
  • Is redirection needed? Traditional players versus new players?
  • Which aspects need greater efforts? Content, architecture, applications?
  • Is the European dimension properly addressed?
  • Where are the European champions of tomorrow?
  • Novel user interfaces, Mobile 3D - where are we?
  • Internet everywhere – industrial opportunities?
  • Phase 3 of the Future Internet PPP – the SME and start-up dimensions?
  • Innovation, employment, opportunities ahead? Where are we going?

 Session 2: Communications – Networking

  • Key Architectural design issues?
  • Fixed and Wireless aspects, new air interfaces?
  • From spectrum scarcity to spectrum abundance?
  • Promises and threats of cloud based developments?
  • Networking of billions of devices – How?
  • Energy constraints – what to do?
  • Peer to Peer – future considerations?
  • 5GPPP – scope, ambition, targets, milestones?
  • Network resources adapt to expected user demands?
  • Virtual machines, software defined networks?
  • Stability, robustness, security and privacy?
  • Trials, demonstrations – what’s next?
  • Going beyond the classical “coverage” role of satellites?

Session 3: Smart Cities

  • Smart Cities – successes and problems
  • Needs, demands, –use cases
  • Efficiency, productivity, innovation
  • Experiments, demonstrations
  • Economy, funding issues
  • European dimension
  • Experimental infrastructures for Smart Cities


13th June 2014

Session 4: Internet Governance, Innovation, IPR

  • Coping with technological developments – a lost battle?
  • Can standardization still play a useful role?
  • Copyright – European and international dimensions
  • Innovation and IPR on Competition?
  • Issues in Intellectual Property: software – content – patents
  • Effectiveness of Regulatory agencies and Courts
  • Innovation in an overregulated landscape
  • Internet governance – by whom?
  • Self-regulated Internet Codes of Conduct – to the profit of whom?

 Session 5 - Data Centres, Open Data, Big Data

  • Trends in Information Explosion
  • Opportunities in open data and big data
  • Approaches, competitors, winners and market forces
  • Ubiquitous devices and the creation of Smart spaces
  • Application areas – transport, health, environment, …
  • How do network resources adapt to usage data flows?
  • Security dimensions?
  • Is regulation needed?
  • Are current legal frameworks adequate to address Big Data
  • How best to Liberate Open Data
  • How does Big Data relate to privacy concerns?



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