SECAN-LAB: Security and Networking Lab

The SECAN-LAB is a research group which associates researchers and resources from the NetLab, hosted by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT) with members from the Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC) at the University of Luxembourg, and with partners from industry and other research institutes. Research interests of the SECAN-LAB group focuses on interoperability and security aspects of spontaneously-created and self-organized non-centralized networks.

Other research topics of the SECAN-LAB lie in:

- interoperability of one-to-one communications,

- scalability of ad hoc networks with respect to its number of participants,

- tolerance of the network to a certain proportion of malicious and unfair participants,

- linking of ad hoc networks with wired LANs.

- interaction, games and novel interface technologies

- intelligent transportation systems (VehicularLab)


Latest News:

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 00:00

Article about PIL2SPELL - SNT Project were published in Read about the project here. Watch newest video published on - Meet the scientist: Frank Hermann, Informatiker

The first IPv6-only OpenStack cloud in a production environment is at SnT
Monday, 02 June 2014 17:08

On the May 25th elections, SnT hosted the first IPv6-only OpenStack cloud service that was part of the election infrastructure in Germany.

This deployment helped German citizens of the area of North Rhine - Westphalia access their municipality website in order to view the current voting count throughout the election day. This meant that real

IPv6 traffic reached SnT and was successfully served by a virtualised testbed.

Why is this an achievement? From a technical standpoint, cloud infrastructures based on OpenStack have not yet been proven to support IPv6, and moreover, have not been tested in real-world deployments. IPv6 transition and cloud adoption are two unavoidable and important requirements for building future-proof infrastructures. The deployment at SnT has successfully served 5% of the requests of all the users accessing the election results, while the rest were IPv4-only and were serviced by the existing production system managed by Citkomm.

SnT researcher Dr. Gabriela Gheorghe has coordinated the effort between SnT, Nephos6 and Citkomm, as part of the GEN6 European project. She is making the case that open-source cloud distributions can successfully face real-world requirements for the public sector. With this achievement, SnT is reaching towards competitive industrial circles, and is increasing its international visibility.

Research paper successful in the technology media and ZDNET have picked up the conclusions of a recent paper on verifying cloud services, co-authored by Gabriela Gheorghe (Secan-lab). Cloud service clients cannot yet test the security and dependability of cloud services, and this problem is growing bigger with important providers that are moving their business towards the cloud model. We are happy to see the expanding media coverage on this topic, as a first step towards starting to address the challenges together in the community. You can find the original paper in the ACM Digital Library, and the media reports on Forbes, ZDNET, as well as here.

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