Design Paradigms for Building Multi-Property Hash Functions

Current usage demands that hash functions enjoy numerous disparate security properties, many of which are not implied by one-wayness and collision-resistance. In this talk, I'll discuss new approaches for building hash functions that incorporate techniques to ensure strong guarantees for multiple security properties.

In the first portion, I'll overview recent work on multi-property-preserving transforms, which describe how to securely expand the domain of compression functions that enjoy numerous security properties. This will include discussion of transforms for both traditional, unkeyed compression functions and (what we call) dedicated-key compression functions.

In the second part we'll look at provably collision-resistant functions (e.g., finding collisions is formally equivalent to solving a hard problem such as factoring). While providing strong CR guarantees, these functions are unsuitable to replace general hash functions, and so we provide a new approach for transforming a CR function into a secure hash function.

This talk will cover joint work with Mihir Bellare and Thomas Shrimpton.

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