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The U2010 Project
U2010 General Assembly meeeting
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U2010 - Ubiquitous IP Centric Government & Enterprise Next Generation Networks, Vision 2010

is an Integrated Research Project of the 5th Call of the 6th European Research Frame Program coordinated by the University of Luxembourg, including 16 partners from 10 European Countries. U-2010 stands for ubiquitous IP centric Government & Enterprise Next Generation Networks Vision 2010 and its overall objective is to provide the most capable means of communication and the most effective access to information to everybody required to act in case of accident, incident, catastrophe or crisis, while using existing or future telecommunication infrastructures. The U-2010 project will address the public safety issues by researching new emergency and crisis management solutions investigating on innovative and state-of-the-art communication technologies based on the current and new Internet technologies (i.e. Internet Protocol version 6) that could be put to use and realize this vision. Technologies in operations and under evaluation provide an Enhancement of availability by

  • interconnecting existing services and networks

  • leveraging redundant communication channels

  • using automatic redirection and/or service transfomation in case of failures

  • using new research results in the area of wireless ad-hoc networks.

U2010 Fire in The Tunnel Scenario as Final Demonstration of the project                                  

The final demonstration was shown more than 100 visitors on 22nd of October at the Grouft Tunnel in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Please look for more details in the Document section where you can find press release, booklet and press monitoring of this event. The consortium of U2010 project takes this opportunity and like to THANK to all participants of the demonstration to be part of very successful event!


U2010 Final Demonstration                                                                                                           

After three years of European Research Project U2010 is the right time to demonstrate and share the final results of the project. The U2010 Project´s partners are pleased to invite you to be present final U2010 Project Demonstration, which will be held at 10:00 o´clock on the 22nd of Ocober 2009 at the Grouft Tunnel site near Mersh in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.    

U2010 Mountain Rescue Scenario in Slovenia

In the week of the 08th to the 12th of June, 2009 members of the u-2010 team helped to organize and participated in a Mountain Rescue exercise at Ig in Slovenia.

Project partners: the Adminstration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relif by  the Ministry of Defence of the Government of Slovenia, EPT Luxembourg, Hitec Luxembourg s.a. and the University of Lancaster were all present on site to train the Mountain Rescue team of  Slovenia in u-2010 solutions and to demonstrate those solutions to the Slovenian Civil Protection delegation.

Members of Slovenian Mountain Rescue team were particularly impressed by two , solutions developed within the u-20100 project; firstly a localization solution that functions by using a combination of GPS, SMS and project software, which can show which areas have been searched and where team members are located at any time and secondly by  an automatic photo transfer function that allows team members to just “click” a photo of a location or a victim and then the photo is automatically and immediately sent over the best available network to the u-2010 mobile client application and further on to the internet web page when it can be seen by interested public.

Both ,functions allowed the team to communicate  and to transfer information from the field to centralized locations, for example to their team doctor, stationed at the mountain base or to Civil Protection Headquarters themselves. The team coordinator was also able to make decision about the team’s progress straight away without waiting for their return to the base site.

A film of the exercise is available to be viewed on the Slovenian Ministry of Defence’s Civil Protection website at the following address: Demonstration_Slovenia_Mountain_Rescue_Scenario.wmv

EPT’s communication equipped Clio on site at the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief at Ig near Ljubljana, Slovenia Mr. Branko Dervodel, the Deputy Director General of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief learns about the u-2010 solutions The Mountain Rescue Doctor and Civil Protection representative watch the demonstration

 Invitation to Mountain Rescue Scenario of U2010 project in Slovenia, June 11

The technical demonstration will take place at the Training centre for civil protection and disaster relief at Ig near Ljubljana http://www.urszr.si/eng/page.php?src=iz1.htm on Thursday 11th June from 10.00 to 12.00. The U2010 solution will be enhanced and integrate by the three-dimensional Slovene GIS system.


U2010 Presented on E+R+P Exhibition in Slovakia, May 19 - 21 

E+R+P Exhibition is International trade fair of police, security, fire-fighting and rescue equipment. U2010 project was presented during the exhibition together with practical demonstration.