Latif Ladid: Abstract

The next BIG bail-out — Will IPv6 save the Internet?

Latif Ladid, President, IPv6 Forum

The transition to IPv6 did not happen over the past ten years with the objectives of achieving a smooth and low-cost Internet sustainability through natural refresh of technology. The source can be traced in the mixed messages sent to industry about the hard-to-justify ROI, the address depletion confusion and the lack of market demand. Now, it's quite clear that the address space is going to be consumed in just 24 months, putting an end to the growth of the Internet. No IPv4 addresses means simply no new routers can be connected, no new email servers, no new web servers, no mobile devices, and no new users from developed and especially developing countries. IPv6 readiness is going to be a challenge to achieve by 2010. All Internet stakeholders are responsible for this situation and they should take their role seriously and face the hard facts and do something about it.

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