Luxembourg IPv6 Summit 2005

Luxembourg IPv6 Summit 2005


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Wolfgang Fritsche

Wolfgang Fritsche received his Diploma in Electric Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. He currently works as manager for Advanced Internet Services at IABG.

Wolfgang Fritsche has been responsible for several national and international projects in the Internet and cellular communication field, mainly in the areas of IPv6, IP Security, IP Mobility, IP over Satellite, IP Multicast and 3G cellular networks. Some of his recent activities are leading the ESA study on “IPv6 over satellite”, the ESA project for establishing a demonstrator for “IP Security over satellite”, and IABG's involvement in the European Commission funded RUNES, SEINIT, 6WINIT and 6INIT projects. He participates in the standardization work of IETF, 3GPP and ETSI since several years, and contributes to the adoption of IPv6 within the NATO project INSC. Wolfgang Fritsche represents IABG as founding member in the Global IPv6-Forum and the German IPv6 Task Force.

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