Luxembourg IPv6 Summit 2005

Luxembourg IPv6 Summit 2005


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Tayeb Ben Meriem

Head of France Telecom R&D Division IPv6 Skills Centre

Dr Tayeb BEN MERIEM gained his Telecommunications Engineering degree from (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications: ENST) of Paris in 1976.

After 5 years in the industry, he joined France Telecom R&D in 1981. Here he was put in charge of the first studies into WDM systems and to participate in the European satellite "Olympus" project. This looked at propagation in 20-30 GHz domains.

He is a Professor in the University of Paris in packet transmission domain, SDH and WDM systems & Networks and the director of Research Lab in the Management of IP/SDH and IP/WD network . He has directed doctorates thesis.
Dr Ben Meriem, has been working in France Telecom’s Network Business Unit and is responsible for equipment transmission policy. He participated in the European ACTS project in optical networks. He also directed France Telecom’s QoS project in transmissions and SDH networks. He also was involved in France Telecom’s synchronization project as the manager of this project..
Since 1999 he returned to France Télécom’s R&D Division, as a manager of IP domain, and for the last 3 years is the head of France Télécom's R&D Division IPv6 Skills Centre. This is a trans-organizational IPv6 structure dedicated to all of the France Telecom Group
Dr Ben Meriem is France Telecom’s delegate in ITU-T in SDH, WDM, and network management, and has been for the last 10 years He has also published several papers and communications. He has published a book on SDH in 2000 in France Telecom scientific edition with Springer.
  • Member of IPv6Forum
  • Member of European IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee
  • Member of French IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee

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