Patrick Guillemin

Patrick Guillemin is Senior Research Officer responsible within the ETSI Secretariat (Services – Innovation) for the development, co-ordination and management of new standardization initiatives including the Internet of Things (IoT). Patrick has 28 years of experience in IT and Telecommunications Project Management and 20 years in Standardization. Patrick was until recently the standardization coordinator of the IoT FP7 Research Cluster (IERC) and actively participated in EU FP7 Projects related to RFID and the Internet of Things. He was previously ETSI Technical Officer in charge of a number of ETSI's standardization committees and activities (RFID/IoT/M2M, GRID/CLOUD, xDSL, BRAN, PowerLine, Plugtests, IPv6, ENUM, SIPit…) and, previous to this, he worked for 2 years as ETSI Plugtests (interop testing events) Technical Manager and was ETSI IT System Group Manager & Security Technical Manager. In parallel, he was Software Engineering Teacher at Nice University (France) for 14 years. Between 1985 and 1993, he worked as CIO for the French Stock Exchange in Paris (FERRI) and for the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in Sophia Antipolis, France as Project Manager and consultant.