Dr. Andrei Popleteev

Office: MNO, E02 0225-010
Email: andrei.popleteev at uni.lu
Phone: (+352) 46 66 44 5434

Research Interests

Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing, Location- and Context-aware Applications, Human-computer Interaction, Machine Learning and Data Analysis



Popleteev, Andrei
in 15th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitious Multimedia (MUM-2016) (2016)

Popleteev, Andrei; Arshadaghghaleh, Hossein; Lutkovski, Vladimir
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Popleteev, Andrei
in Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN-2016) (2016)

Popleteev, Andrei
in Proceedings of the IEEE 13th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communications (WPNC-2016) (2016)


Popleteev, Andrei
in 2015 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2015) (2015)

Mccall, Roderick; Popleteev, Andrei; Martin, Benoit; Louveton, Nicolas; Engel, Thomas
in 8th International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI'2015) (2015)

Popleteev, Andrei; Louveton, Nicolas; Mccall, Roderick
in WearSys'15 (2015)


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Popleteev, Andrei; Engel, Thomas
in International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence (2014)


Popleteev, Andrei; McCall, Roderick; Molnar, Andreea; Avanesov, Tigran
in LiveCity Workshop on Smart and Pervasive Communications for Enhanced Communities (in conjunction with SaCoNeT-2013) (2013)

Popleteev, Andrei
in UbiComp-2013 Adjunct proceedings (2013)

Chochliouros, Ioannis; McCall, Roderick; Popleteev, Andrei; Avanesov, Tigran; Kamarauskas, Tomas; Spiliopoulou, Anastasias; Sfakianakis, Evangelos; Georgiadou, Evangelia; Liakostavrou, Nikoletta; Kampourakis, Ioannis; Stephanakis, Ioannis
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